Oral Sex Is A

Oral Sex Is A "Holy And Good Thing" - Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

The Presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International, Dag Heward-Mills has noted that oral sex is a “holy and good thing”.

According to him, oral sex among other advantages keeps the clitoris stimulated and prevents the clitoris from bruises.

Bishop Heward-Mills who was addressing church members could not fathom why couples restrict areas they touch during foreplay when in fact others places can also contribute to make the sex more enjoyable.

According to him, there is no law which debars men from kissing any part of their partners’ body. Dag Heward-Mills noted that he believes there is anything wrong with oral sex because there is no red flag on any part of the body.  He questioned which law prohibited that one place is not good but the other can be kissed and why one cannot lick any part of the body they want. He noted there is nothing wrong with oral sex because kissing is licking.

The Lighthouse Presiding Bishop in his address blamed the bad sexual lifestyle especially among Christians on religious restrictions. He added that these religious restrictions even prevent one from having the variations that they you need in order to have exciting sex.


Dag Heward Mills  in his endorsement of oral sex as a good thing however cautioned couples to be wary of its disadvantages.



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