Ded Buddy Talks About Himself, Music And Brand In Latest Interview

Ded Buddy Talks About Himself, Music And Brand In Latest Interview

His real name is Eric Kwasi Okine Turkson, an Accra born gentleman who taught himself how to sing, write, produce at a tender age. These qualities could be attributed to his involvement in his church choir, intercollegiate, and local talent shows.

From the days of the church choir to his secondary school days in Ghana, he fully realized his talent in music. He developed into a sensational R&B artiste who won the hearts of many music fans in Ghana and beyond with his stagecraft and Formerly, he was known in showbiz circles as Ded Buddy with his popular hit songs “Yebesa” and “Mipe wo saa” in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Ded buddy also performed at many other events which earned him the title of as best Akan R&B singer. For instance in the late 1990’s, Ded Buddy translated Boyz II Men’s ‘I’ll make love to You’ into Akan and this caught the attention of many fans.

Prior to his rise in the music industry, in 1990, together with Eddie Blay, Tiny Quaye and Jake, Ded Buddy formed a group called NFL. Exposure gained in NFL led him to perform for Stevie Wonder during Panafest 1994.

Fact track to some years, he left the shores of the country and  returned  some few years back to his first love-music. Now he changed his stage name Ded Buddy, which according to him means Dedicated Friend. The Ded is short for dedicated and Buddy means friend, he tells Antoine Mensah in an interview on Lifestyle Cafe on Live FM.

His return came with a new name, an identity that  is Qweci. Qweci in this interview with Antoine insists that the name Ded Buddy is not entirely wiped off.

Like many musicians, Qweci has struggled to get music fans and enthusiasts to accept his new name instead of the Ded Buddy that they are used to.

He adds that his brand as Ded Buddy that his music fans and enthusiasts used to know for him still holds.

In the interview he further explains why he keeps a bald hair all the time, hence asking all who criticize his bald head to keep their cool because he has no plans of changing it.

According to the R&B artiste, being bald is his trade mark and nothing can make him abandon that style.

“I have always been bald and I love having a bald head. The thing is, it is from my father’s side and if I leave my hair to grow. I will not be happy about it, I mean I have what we call in Akan “Kwame Nkrumah” kind of hair,” he said in an interview with Antoine.


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