NPA Threatens To Close Down Fuel Stations Selling Adulterated Products

NPA Threatens To Close Down Fuel Stations Selling Adulterated Products

Oil Marketing Companies have been cautioned to desist from adulterating their products.

According to Chief Executive of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Moses fuel stations caught contaminating their products will be closed down.

But speaking at the Ghana International Petroleum Conference in Accra, Mr. Asaga said upholding standards of quality is an important concern in the era of price liberalization of the petroleum sector.

He opined that the NPA will not tolerate any form or level of adulteration on the market.

Mr. Asaga however, assured consumers of petroleum products that the NPA has strict and tough measures to ensure standards are maintained. “…once crude oil is ready for distribution, independent inspectors are called in to check.”

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Moses Asaga said the NPA is committed to protect the gains Ghana has made in deregulating the petroleum sector to allow private participation believed to improve efficiency in the sector.

Touching on the issue of subsides; he maintained that Ghana has taken bold step in removing subsidies - considered a huge drain on government finances.

It is also a politically-charged item because subsidies allow consumers to pay cheaper prices for products such as petrol, diesel, LPG and kerosene.

“This is what we have been used to for the last 50 years”.

He explained that subsidies especially on petrol were benefitting the middle-class instead of its real target- the poor.


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