The 5 Things Mahama Thinks Of Every Morning Before Setting Off To Work

The 5 Things Mahama Thinks Of Every Morning Before Setting Off To Work

The life of a president is often seen to be filled with glitz and glamour, you know, the cheers , acclamation...all the other niceties that shows you the respect being a president carries. But one thing we often lose sight of are the very issues that bother the minds of our presidents especially our African presidents. The issue of President Mahama is no exception.

Being a country with a fledgling democracy, lower-middle income status and also promising tourism industry, one may think President Mahama has less to think about. Well, think again! because you are  about to find out the very 'worries'  which wake President Mahama up.

1. How To Fix The Power Crisis

Since being president, President John Dramani Mahama has been faced with the biggest challenge ever hanging like an albatross on the neck of his administration - 'Dumsor'. With all news items featuring the effects of the power crisis, mammoth demonstrations (more than five) and severe bashings by his political opponents, no one need tell you President Mahama wakes up from 'dumsor nightmares' .

2. Winning The Maritime Dispute Between Ghana And Ivory Coast

You forgot about that right? Well President Mahama never has. In fact, he constantly checks in on his attorney general each and every day just to know whether or not Ghana is making strides in the case against Ivory Coast. Anyways the president has every reason to wake up thinking about this dispute because we are talking of thousands of barrels of oil per day that Ghana risk losing should the ruling which is before the International Tribunal of The Land Of The Sea go in favor of the Ivorians.

3. Fighting The Grey Hair

This could seem strange but hey, we all know that waking up and look up the mirror just to find shades of grey in our hair is much to be concerned about. President Mahama is no exception when it comes to this. Taking over from his former boss, President Mills with the youthfulness in his eye and the black in his hair and now finding out how fast he is hitting old age could be a big deal for the president. He might be considering dyeing his hair with a tinge of black!

4. Playing The Fatherly Role

Every President is blessed to have a family, and so is President Mahama. But of what essence are you to your kids when you barely have time for them - kissing them goodnight and hugging them good morning? President  Mahama himself alluded to this when he confessed that the only means he uses to constantly engage with his lovely kids is 'social media.'

5. Winning The 2016 Elections

Now this probably is what wakes President Mahama from bed and also puts him to sleep - election 2016! Sitting back and testing the political atmosphere Mr President surely knows that he needs a lot to do in order to gain the complete love and trust of his people, a people who have not just suffered the brunt of a protracted load-shedding exercise but also made losses in their businesses, got sacked from their jobs, suffered the constant depreciation of the Cedi...the  list goes on and on. But as intelligent and experienced as the John Mahama is, who knows he might be planning a huge surprise for Ghanaians come election 2016.



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