Peruvian Woman Whips Cheating Husband In Public

Peruvian Woman Whips Cheating Husband In Public

A Peruvian woman is waiting to see if will be charged with assault after she was filmed repeatedly hitting her cheating husband with a whip.

The incident happened in Cajamarca in the north-west Peru where Jaime Zambrano was spotted going to a local hotel with his girlfriend.

Suzana Vasquez has been suspecting Jaime to be having an affair outside their marriage and been complaining to him for some time.

And so this time, when Jaime told her he was going out to meet his friends, Suzana followed him quietly and saw him enter the hotel holding hands with the other woman.

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Furious as she became, Suzana who has two kids for her husband consulted a local street security volunteer group whose job it is to help keep peace and order to help persuade Jaime to accompany her to a nearby cafe for a quiet chat.

However, she was clearly unable to have kept her temper under control at the cafe, and verbally abused him before pulling out a whip and repeatedly hitting him with it.

Local police who were called in say they have yet to decide whether she will face charges.


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