Fomena NPP Chairman Accepts Suspension

Fomena NPP Chairman Accepts Suspension

Suspended Fomena Constituency Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Akwasi Nti Asamoah, has denied taking part in an alleged demonstration calling for the reinstatement of suspended National chairman, Paul Afoko but however, accepts the decision to suspend him in good faith.

He is One of the four suspended constituency chairmen of the NPP in the Ashanti Region for organising and busing some NPP people to picket at the party's head office in Accra.

In a reaction to the suspension, the Fomena Constituency Chairman, Nti Asamoah, said he was prepared to submit to the disciplinary processes of the party. He opined that he wants a quick hearing of his case by the New Patriotic Party’s Disciplinary Committee.

“I...wish to put it on record that, I never joined the said Pro-Afoko demonstration and I pray the Disciplinary Committee would admit that and possibly reinstate me as chairman of my constituency,” he said in a statement.

NPP Chairmen for Asawase, Ejisu, Fomena and Ahafo-Ano South East constituencies in the Ashanti Region were suspended Saturday.

Read below the full statement.

Nobody within NPP would doubt my loyalty and passion to serve the party.

I've been a strong advocate of unity within our party and also the need to further protect the dignity, the tradition and the values of the party and it's unfortunate I've got myself into this unthinkable situation.

But as humans, are bound to make mistakes. In these situations, you don't run away from the repercussion, but, you face them.

Nobody within the NPP is bigger than the party or its constitution and as such if the party deems my conduct as misfit and hence, merits a suspension, then who am I to oppose it?

I again, wish to put it on record that, I never joined the said Pro-Afoko demonstration and I pray the Disciplinary Committee would admit that and possibly reinstate me ask chairman of my constituency.

Though, I admit I may have made some mistakes, I've never dreamt of harming the party or Nana Addo's victory in 2016.

But, I want to ask the Ashanti Regional Executive council to hurriedly arraign me before the Disciplinary committee to further hear me out. I hope and pray I will be reinstated as chairman, because my love for the party surpasses every individual or group.

All I care about is contributing my quota to the victory of our party in 2016, because, that's the only option for me as a loyal party member.

Moreover, Ghana will have to work again and I firmly believe an Akufo-Addo-led administration has the capacity to ensure that. I care about Ghana and all I always want to do is help Nana Addo and the NPP to rescue Ghana from the state of hopelessness the NDC has engraved us.

Finally, I want to urge all my colleagues who have equally been suspended by the NEC or the REC to accept that in good faith. We have to use the appropriate structures within the party to fight for our places or positions back.

I trust that, when we do this, it would be healthy for us and much healthier for the party's victory in 2016.


Akwasi Nti Asamoh

Fomena Constituency

NPP, Ashanti Region

'Suspended' Chairman


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