Rwanda President Kagame Condemns Violent Attacks In Burundi

Rwanda President Kagame Condemns Violent Attacks In Burundi

Rwandan President Paul Kagame, has condemned the upsurge in violence attacks in neighbouring Burundi.

"People are being killed every day, bodies are found on the streets... Leaders are spending time killing people", he said.

Paul Kagame comments comes on the heels of last Saturday’s violent attack in Burundi, which left nine people dead in a bar in the capital Bujumbura. People have began fleeing Bujumbura and other parts of Burundi before a government deadline on Saturday to hand in illegal firearms.

Burundi's authorities have so far not publicly reacted to Paul Kagame’s statement, However, in the past, Burundi has accused Rwanda of training rebels seeking to destabilise the country, something Rwanda denies.

Presidents Nkurunziza and Kagame were once on good terms but fell out in 2012.

Burundi's security services have been carrying out house-to-house searches in neighborhoods of Bujumbura seen as opposition strongholds. Earlier this week, the UN condemned the "inflammatory rhetoric" by officials in Burundi and  the Brussels-based International Crisis Group said the language was "chillingly similar" to that used in Rwanda before the genocide of 1994.

President Pierre Nkurunziza warned that those who refused to obey the order would be "dealt with as enemies of the nation".

A cycle of violence began in April with protests against Mr Nkurunziza's controversial decision to stand for a third term. He argued that his first term as president did not count towards the constitutional two-term limit as he was chosen by lawmakers.

In July Mr Nkurunziza was duly re-elected to a third term with 70% of the vote. About 200 people have been killed since April.

Uganda is leading regional efforts to broker peace talks and the UN Security Council is expected to discuss the violence at a meeting on Monday.



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