Mixed Views On Vodafone And 20-Year Old Boy Saga

Mixed Views On Vodafone And 20-Year Old Boy Saga

The case between Vodafone Ghana and 20-year-old IT expert who forged and circulated insulting promo scratch cards of the telecom giant has seen lots of people on Social Media [Twitter] commenting and mostly expressing disappointment in Vodafone for taking the matter too far.

Kwadwo Amakye is facing two charges – forgery of document and the publication of false news. He was arrested by the Takoradi Police and transferred to Accra.

According to Vodafone the matter has negatively affected the brand.

The accused Amakye upon interrogation admitted forging and circulating the cards with insulting messages. He opined that he had no intention to defame Vodafone but only sought to create laughter on social media.

But the decision of Vodafone Ghana to pursue the matter and prosecute the young man has received lots of varying comments on Twitter.

Below are some of the comments:





Some Ghanaians also think otherwise; they agree with Vodafone for taking action against such forgery and defamation.





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