My Letter To Accra Hearts Of Oak On Her 104th Birthday

My Letter To Accra Hearts Of Oak On Her 104th Birthday

Dear Hearts Of Oak,

I wish you a happy birthday this day as you attain 104 years in existence. It is no mean achievement, and so may God bless you and may you live long to achieve more laurels for us.

Dear Phobia, as we affectionately call you for the awe you put in your opponents both on and off the field, on the local and continental scene, you have achieved so much for us supporters which makes us call ourselves ‘true phobians’ especially when you went out there and conquered the continent in the year 2000.

As for the local scene, you have won the Ghana league on so many occasions that I have even lost count of them. Some say it’s 21 times whilst your bitterest rival Kotoko has won it 23 occasions.

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You have won other cups such as the FA trophies and the SWAG cups as well other unknown ones that I saw when I came to the club secretariat the last time.

But Phobia, there are some things bothering me that I think I have to tell you on this occasion. You see your age, for me, I think you should have by now achieved more than you have. I say this because for me, your peers like El-Ahly, Zamalek all of Egypt, Esperance of Tunisia and lately TP Mazembe of DR Congo have amassed the African Champion’s league for several occasions. As you are reading this letter of mine, TP Mazembe just won the last African Champions league on Sunday where they defeated USM Algiers  2-0 and are headed for the world club championships in Japan.

Oh yes! That world club championship reminds me of one thing. You were supposed to have proudly gone there in 2011 to make Ghana proud. You would have won it and conquer the world because I had some firm belief in the technical abilities in Sir Jones Attuquayefio of blessed memory (may his soul rest in peace) and the squad which we affably named the 64 battalion for their tenacity and fearless manner they approached every opposition. In fact, we could come to games not only expecting victory but also, some eye pleasing football. The likes of Sammy Adjei, Amankwah Mireku, Adjah Tetteh, Charles Alottey, Kenneth Sarpong, Charles Taylor, Emannuel Osei Kuffour and Ishmael Addo would make many opposing teams come to meet us with their tails between their legs. Oh Phobia! What happened?

I remember you even beat Kotoko in a league match at the Accra sports stadium by 4-0 and went on to pick the African Confederation from the in their own backyard.

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Your achievements even gained you a CNN 8 best team in the world. Wow! Brilliant. It means you made it past some big clubs in Europe like Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and the likes.

Dear Phobia, I think that should have been the turning point for you to market your great achievements and get yourself some sponsorship because success they say has many fathers but failure is an orphan.

You could have gotten yourself a befitting stadium by now, a standard club house and some training pitches of your own. Yet, we don’t see any of these and like an orphan, you move from one training field to the other because they belong to people who get tired of you and throw you out.

Let me not spoil your fun for today, but one thing you must allow me to tell you is that we are not happy as supporters.

You don’t look attractive anymore, supporters are shying away from wearing the replicas and players are even running away from playing for you. As for sponsors, the least said about them the better; they simply don’t want to hear your name.

Dear Phobia, all is not lost anyway. Gird up your loins and tell the people around you to put you ahead of things they do and not any financial gains rather.

Dedication to you and the tenacity with which the HP Nyemiteis, Harry Sawyers, Harry Zakkours, Tommy Okine and the others worked for you need to be replicated and your glory days will come back and we will all be happily flying our colours that made them call us, ‘Hearts Of Oak, Beautiful people with Beautiful colours’.

We are so proud of you so much that, we do not in any way see ourselves leaving you because you are the only club we know. We were a very grateful. PHOBIA! MASTERS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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