Baker Hughes Promises Continuous Medical Coverage For Andrews Boateng

Baker Hughes Promises Continuous Medical Coverage For Andrews Boateng

International top-tier oilfield service company, Baker Hughes has promised continuous medical coverage for, Andrews Boateng, a Ghanaian engineer who was involved in an accident in Gabon last year. Andrews Boateng and three other employees of Baker Hughes were injured in a motor vehicle accident on their way back from work while on a business trip, resulting in the death of one person and serious injuries for the others.

In a statement signed by the Country Manager of Baker Hughes, Tony Nwosu, said the company has made gratis arrangements for Andrews’ family to have ongoing access to his salary account as he was the primary income earner for his mother and siblings prior to his accident.

The plight of Mr Boateng, currently on admission at a home for the aged in Johannesburg, South Africa, came to light when some Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and right activists protested vehemently against what they described as unfair treatment and abandonment of Andrews Boateng by Baker Hughes following his accident.

Clarifying the recent concerns raised by the Ghanaian community regarding the issue, Mr Nwosu said the tragic incident was caused by a third-party driver under the influence of alcohol who struck the stationary vehicle in which the Baker Hughes employees were riding.

He said immediately after the accident occurred, the Baker Hughes crisis management team undertook swift actions to provide all necessary help and support to the affected employees.

“In the case of Andrews, who sustained the most severe injuries, he was immediately transported by medevac to Johannesburg, South Africa, the nearest country with the available level of required medical care, where he was attended to by a trauma surgeon at the Netcare Milpark Hospital, a level one accreditation for trauma cases,” he added.

Mr Nwosu disclosed that, the company made arrangements for a primary caregiver and next-of-kin since April 2014 when the accident occurred, to attend to the needs of Mr Boateng throughout the duration of recovery and also provided appropriate travel and accommodation logistics for the primary caregiver’s trips to South Africa, including visa issuance, air fares, hotels and car rentals while in South Africa.

He said to ensure that uninterrupted care is guaranteed; costs are being provided by Baker Hughes’ global risk insurance provider, who has confirmed continuous medical coverage for Mr Boateng based on recommendations of the qualified medical experts and his family’s consent.

According to Mr Nwosu, Baker Hughes Ghana does not have the authority or power of attorney to make decisions on behalf of Mr Boateng and his family.

“This authority resides solely with his family, his primary caregiver and next-of-kin, in conjunction with the medical experts and the insurance provider. We can nonetheless confirm that all decisions relating to Andrews’ previous and current medical care have been discussed between the family’s primary caregiver and the medical experts,” he stated.

Mr Nwosu reiterated Baker Hughes commitment to the health and safety of every employee and client in the Baker Hughes community in Ghana and subsequently wished Mr Boateng and his family well.

“Our thoughts and prayers remain with Andrews, his family and the other Baker Hughes employees and their families involved in this tragic accident,” he said.



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