Anas Being Used By Executive For Surveillance - Amidu

Anas Being Used By Executive For Surveillance - Amidu

Former Attorney General Martin Amidu has described investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas as a “criminal” and an agent of the state.

According to him the conduct of Anas and his Tiger Eye PI is unlawful.

“What Anas has done makes him a criminal. How can Anas be allowed to do a comprehensive investigation and set up hidden cameras in Ghana?

“If a criminal is an undercover agent for the government how can he be prosecuted," he queried.

The anti-corruption crusader [Martin Amidu] and the investigative journalist have been at each other’s throat since Monday; releasing statement accusing each other and making unsubstantiated claims.

Amidu and Anas are in a battle of statements following claims by the former that the recent expose’ on the judiciary by the journalist was commissioned by the government.

He has also claimed that the company through which Anas produced his investigative piece is “dummy” and illegal. It is also his believe that Anas and his Tiger Eye PI are involved in “selecting reporting” of their works in an effort to please the government.

Mr. Amidu also said in the interview that he is not in competition with Anas Aremeyaw Anas, for laurels, as far as fighting corruption is concerned.

“Anas is not my age mate,” Mr Amidu said in an interview Thursday, adding: “My son is older than him and he is older than my last daughter by 3 years.”

“There’s no competition between me and Anas,” the former Attorney General said.

“What I am against is for any citizen of Ghana to lend himself to the Executive for surveillance on fellow citizens.

“It is unconstitutional, it is not allowable, and, particularly, to do it in contravention of law LI 1517; to do it in contravention of the companies’ code and for the government to cover it up, and it is the sum total of these, which makes me to say he, indeed, was commissioned by the Government because if he wasn’t commissioned by the Government, the Government won’t allow him to breach all these law, do all these illegal surveillances and then give him a protection.

“I have done anti-corruption work, am I protected?” he asked, adding: “…He is not a journalist, Tiger Eye PI is not a journalist; it is a dummy,” Mr Amidu insisted in an interview with Citi FM.


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