Martin Amidu Descends On President Mahama

Martin Amidu Descends On President Mahama

Former Attorney General Martin Amidu has decended on President John Mahama, saying his leadership is a blot on the image of northerners.

According to Mr. Amidu president Mahama has allowed corruption to fester in his Government; a situation he believes is uncomplimentary of northerners.

Speaking on Accra based Joy FM, the anti-corruption campaigner said the President must discharge his duty with integrity to uphold the image of northerners.

“We [northerners] have been known since time immemorial to be honest people; the government you [President] are running corruptly is damaging us,” Mr Amidu said.

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“I’ve said that because of his behaviour, for the next 20, 30 years, this country will not vote for a northern President, and he [President] is disgracing me as a northerner, I don’t like it,” Mr Amidu added.

Pressed by the host about whether he had any personal issues with the President, Mr Amidu said: ‘No, I don’t have anything against him, except that I’ve told him that as a young northerner to ascent to this position, discharge your duty with utmost integrity to uphold the image of we northerner.”

Mr Mahama is from Bole in the northern part of Ghana. As far as Mr Amidu, also a northerner, is concerned, the manner in which the President has led the country, so far, leaves much to be desired.




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