A Shame Of Carnage In Paris

A Shame Of Carnage In Paris

A Shame Of Carnage In Paris

French President Francois Hollande Receives A Call In The Security Control Room At the Stade de France At 21.36

For the scores of football loving fans who had gathered to watch the two world champions, the horror images could be etched on their memory for a long time as what began as a harmless fire display later turned deadly.

The series of attacks apparently began with two explosions near the Stade de France at around 8.30pm Ghana time and the gravity of the two noises heard and the horror which they signaled, would certainly want to be forgotten quickly.

A Shame Of Carnage In Paris

Football fans had to outdo each other as the milling crowd gathered on the pitch to wait for security clearance to leave the Stade de France in Saint-Denis.

Gradually details of other attacks started infiltrating in throughout the night, cutting across from a pizzeria to a music venue packed with partygoers attending a gig by a US rock band, Eagles of Death Metal. It then became clearer; the militants appeared to target parts of Paris particularly bursting with young people enjoying themselves in the city on a Friday night.

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By Saturday morning French officials had put the provisional death toll at 127 people from the combined attacks, with 180 injured and 99 people in critical conditions at hospitals.

A Shame Of Carnage In Paris

A Lady Can't Hold Her Tears

The two explosions near the Stade de France which was also audible on the live television broadcast,  were heard shortly before 9.30pm (8.30pm GHANA time), during the first half of the international friendly, which also saw Francois Hollande, the French president in the crowd.

An explosion, believed to be a suicide bombing was heard at the entrance to Gate J of the stadium leaving three persons killed, and others injured.

At around the same time of the explosions at the Stade de France militants launched an attack on the Petit Cambodge Cambodian restaurant in Rue Bichat, which is about five miles away from the stadium, in the city's 10th arrondissement and so quickly Mr Hollande was evacuated by his security team, while the match continued.

A Shame Of Carnage In Paris

This Man Couldn't Hold His Either

Again the nearby Le Carillon bar which had a number of doctors from the neighbourhood  Hopital Lariboisiere drinking at the venue after their shifts, was also attacked with 14 people killed.

Militants then launched a further attack yards from the Rue Bichat, on the Casa Nostra pizzeria in Rue de la Fontaine au Roi.

A policeman at the scene of the restaurant said on Saturday morning that militants arrived at the pizzeria in a car from Rue Bichat, having left a scene of horror behind.

At the Bataclan theatre, at least five people were killed around 20 diners on the terrace of the pizzeria.

From there, the militants drove around a mile south east, apparently past the area of the Bataclan to then launch another attack, this time on La Belle Equipe in Rue de Charonne. At least 18 people died after the terrace of the bar was sprayed with bullets at around 9.35pm.

At around 9.50pm, an hour after the band took to the stage, black-clad gunmen wielding AK-47s and wearing suicide vests stormed boldly into the hall and fired calmly at hundreds of screaming concert-goers.

The brother of the band's drummer, Julian Dorio, told a US newspaper that the musicians dropped to the floor after seeing the gunmen, and then fled by a backstage door.

A Shame Of Carnage In Paris

This Supposed Terrorist Had This To Say, 'By The Time You See This Face Again, It Will Be Too Late'

Source: Yen.com.gh

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