Paris Attacks:The World Calls For War, Kofi Annan Begs For Peace

Paris Attacks:The World Calls For War, Kofi Annan Begs For Peace

With barely a day of  shocking stories, bloodshed, tears and anguish emanating from the extremist attack in the history of  the capital of France, Paris which has killed more than 120 people and critically injured others, world leaders are not just exchanging condolences and condemning the gruesome security breach in France by ISIS but also are they coming up with incisive moves and counsel all in the move to uproot the existence of the worlds most wanted terrorist organisation, ISIS.

Starting with the target European State of France, President Francois Hollande ignited the keys of France's miitary assertiveness declaring a state of emergency and deploying over a 1500 troupes into the capital. The entire move by Francois Hollande, we can say, is highly informed on his belief that France has been met with an “act of war” that must be countered “mercilessly”. France is still resolved in the ongoing strikes in Syria as progress has been made in identifying one of the suicide bombers in Friday's attacks as Ismael Omar Mostefai. All bothers still remain closed as intense security investigations into the attack continues.

True to form, Francois Hollande is not the only one left in the war against ISIS, his allies across Europe are also.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has registered her full support against the ISIS battle;

British Prime Minister, on his turn minced no words as he warned of a possible attack by ISIS on British soil. Yes, he stood with Hollande in solidarity but David Cameron sounded much concerned about what could happen to the security future of Great Britain. David Cameron placed the UK on high alert for a terror attack, as security checks were beefed up at British airports and ferry terminals. The Prime Minister said the scale of the atrocity in France revealed “a greater ambition for mass-casualty attacks” on the West, and warned that an attempt to bring terror to the UK was “highly likely".

Taking the turn of Vladmir Putin, the Russian President pressed on the need for a unified force against terrorism.

Barack Obama of the United States is also preparing for what security experts describe the greatest battle of all time as he rebuked the killings at the heart of France.

In fact, Ghana,  and the African Union as a whole, the United Arab Emirates, China, the United Nations - the World looks prepared for what could be termed as a World Military Force against the terrorist group. But even as the rage and fury takes hold, former UN secretary general, Kofi Annan has taken a different dimension to the analysis and security interventions against ISIS. He astute ''peace-talker" advised for world leaders not to enter the battle against terror with the rage of hate.

But be it all as it may, it remains clear that the world has officially waged war against terrorism - no matter how small or fierce, the decision to act now is clearly seen at the ongoing G8 summit where world leaders of the greatest and largest economies are currently planning on how to restore peace and security to a world befallen by the pain and agony of terrorist attacks.


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