Afoko Explains Why He Is Going To Court

Afoko Explains Why He Is Going To Court

Suspended National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Paul Afoko has slammed the national council of the party, saying “the owners of the party are not the 70 people [who voted against me]”.

Mr. Afoko who is speaking publicly for the first time said during a news conference in Accra on Wednesday said “NPP’s blatant disregard for the party’s constitution is alarming...I have watched my party slide down the slippery slope into destruction…our party is in danger.”

“Our constitution is under attack, our constitution is being breached,” he opined.

According to him the procedure used to suspend him was illegal, hence his decision to go to court. “After exhausting all the options in party, I have no option than to go to court,” he said.

“Today is not about Paul Afoko…; it’s about the party’s constitution. This is about the fundamentals of the NPP,” he noted.

The Embattled NPP national chairman warned that the party is in danger of collapsing and losing the 2016 presidential elections.

Mr. Paul Afoko was flanked at the press conference by the second vice chairman of the party Sammy Crabbe, who has also described Afoko’s suspension as illegal.

Mr. Afoko was suspended by the National Executive Committee of the party last month after some members petitioned the party over his conduct.

Subsequently the party’s National Council, which is the second highest decision making body of the party after congress, also voted unanimously to affirm the suspension.

The decision was taken after a marathon meeting on Thursday November 12, to study a forty-page appeal document forwarded to the party by Mr. Afoko.

Out of 77 people who voted at that meeting, 70 voted for the suspension to be upheld, six abstained from voting, while one voted for him to be reinstated.



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