Anas Reveals How He Almost Became Impotent And Talks About Childhood And Family

Anas Reveals How He Almost Became Impotent And Talks About Childhood And Family

Popular investigative journalist,Anas Aremeyaw Anas, has given highlights on risks associated with his job.

In mentioning one such risk, he noted that he nearly lost his manhood during one of his undercover works at the Accra psychiatric hospital.

Speaking with Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Wednesday, Anas disclosed that has it not been for the timely intervention of drugs he received from the UK, he would have been impotent. He added that after taking the drugs, his manhood was back to normal within two weeks.

Speaking about his family, the fearsome journalist noted that his family have cause to over his field of journalism.

He explained further that his father- a retired military officer- is resolute about his actions, his mother is often the “stubborn” one who gets worried about his work. The Chief Executive Officer of the Tiger Eye PI said his family is getting accustomed to his way of life.

Reminiscing about his days in Senior High School, Anas has noted that while in Christian Methodist, his his school mates used to call him the “Invisible” for no apparent reasons.  Anas further noted that he has been nicknamed “FBI” by some friends.

“Interestingly, they used to call me invisible in school and I don’t know how that came about, but that is how they called me”, he stressed

This goes to perhaps confirm the description given him as a “spirit” by an indicted judge in his judicial corruption scandal. The courageous journalist said he used to be “strict” in school, but kept a knitted friendship which he has maintained till date.


Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Wednesday, Anas, who went to lowly ranked Christian Methodist Senior High School, said he is proud of his alma mater because that was where he built a “solid foundation” to become who he is today.

“I love my school and I’m proud of it,” the award-winning international journalist spewed.

He revealed that a scholarship scheme has been named after him at Christian Methodist Senior High School and he has an opening at his Tiger Eye PI firm where students of his former school come for internship.

On the lighter side, Anas said his favourite food is Tuo Zaafi and enjoys reggae music, especially Grams Morgan’s “Wash The Tears.”

According to him, he enjoys reggae because “it carries us on. I love reggae. Maybe it’s all from the roots.”

Anas’ latest two-year investigative piece on perceived corruption in Ghana’s judiciary, has implicated over 30 judges and magistrates, as well as judicial service staff. His previous works, some of which exposed private companies and government agencies in corruption, thievery and embezzlement, have also earned him a lot of enemies.



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