'Drone Strikes' Leave Five Al-Shabaab Dead

'Drone Strikes' Leave Five Al-Shabaab Dead

A suspected drone strike has killed at least five members of the radical al-Shabaab militia in Southern Somalia in the early morning hours of Sunday, November 22.

It remains unclear if the United States military is behind the deadly strike. The attack came within the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia, which has seen a great deal of al-Shabaab activity in the past.

The militant group has not released a statement regarding the deadly ‘drone’ strike against their fighters.

The US also has not given comment about the strike. Residents of the area reporting hearing at least three explosions during the night.

The US military has been known to launch drone strikes against al-Shabaab before.In the weeks leading up to US President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya in July of 2015, the US military launched dozens of drone strikes against al-Shabaab targets. Several members of terrorist group’s leadership were thought to have been killed in the attacks.

The al-Shabaab has been a serious threat to Kenya for the last several years, launching a series of high profile attacks within Kenyan territory.The group gained international notoriety in September of 2013, with several militants from the group storming the Westgate mall in Nairobi, killing at least 67 people. Several children and pregnant women were killed in the attack.

The group is thought to hold a base in the Boni forest region of Kenya, from which they train fighters and carry out attacks in Kenya.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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