Woman Rides Ashore On Turtle After Three Months Under The Sea

Woman Rides Ashore On Turtle After Three Months Under The Sea

The entire town of Prampram Lower Town in the Greater Accra region is still in shock as a 20-year-old lady, who many believed to have drowned some three months ago returned from the sea alive.

If you never believed in wonders, then they do exists.  According to reports from the town, the lady named Akweley Duamah returned from the sea alive on Tuesday dawn and not only did she return alone, she returned from the sea with a yet another wonder.

Woman Rides Ashore On Turtle After Three Months Under The Sea
Woman rides ashore on turtle after three months of drowning

Another wonder due to the fact that, Akweley was sitting  on  the back of a sea turtle and had one other sea turtle ushering her ashore to the Prampram Beach.

Adom News’ Isabella Gidiglo Ave who visited the area said residents especially fishermen who witness the scene still can’t comprehend how he could still be alive, neither can they explain how she arrived ashore.

Isabella Gidiglo noted that, most of the residents she spoke to have vowed not to get closer to the young lady they have christened ‘Prampram Maame Water to wit [Prampram mermaid].

 Isabella noted that, Akweley Duamoh, a fishmonger and a mother of one suddenly disappeared while performing rituals at their festival three months ago. The search party dispatched to look for her lost hope after several days and declared her dead.

In an interview with Osheku Wornor Nartey, the traditional priest of Oshekuwem of Lower Prampram, where the lady hails from said Akweley is alive because of a miracle. She noted that they were convinced she was with the underworld and hence would return to them some day.

Osheku Wornor Nartey revealed that when the time was due for her arrival, they performed rituals persistently at the beach for the past two months, until the gods possessed somebody to inform them of the intended return of Duamoh.

 He stated that they saw a thick cloud at the beach last Tuesday dawn after which they poured libation and performed rituals for about four hours before she emerged.

 “One sea turtle was leading and Akweley was sitting on another but when they got closer, the first one died and the other went back after she got down to meet us” he disclosed.

 The family head said their daughter who from all indications is now a fetish priestess has not spoken since she got back. He noted that her return has brought them a good omen. In view of her good omen, fishermen now get abundance of fish when they go to sea,he stressed.

Osheku Wornor Nartey said they would perform some rituals to break Akweley’s silence for her to undertake his assignment on earth.




Source: YEN.com.gh

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