US Travel Advisory Warns Citizens Of Terrorist Threats

US Travel Advisory Warns Citizens Of Terrorist Threats

The US state department has issued a worldwide travel alert effective until February 2016.

This comes days after ISIS claimed responsibility for the six simultaneous attacks in France capital, Paris.

The alert posted on the department website, warned American citizens of looming threats from other extremist groups such as al Qaeda, ISIL/Da’esh and Boko Haram.

Though the statement lists France, Nigeria, Denmark, Turkey, and Mali having recently experienced terrorist attacks, it did not advise them against travelling to the mentioned countries.

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Security forces surround the Radisson Blu Hotel during the hostage crisis in Bamako, Mali that left 27 people dead including five attackers. Image/WSJ

American citizens have been instructed to be vigilant: expect disruptions and extra security screening during the festive season, monitor news updates before making travel plans, avoid crowded places and report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities.

The global alert has been issued just two days before Pope Francis makes his maiden visit to Africa.

CBS News reports that his security team has been doubled in size over the past few days as other news agencies say that the three countries he will visit are facing a security “nightmare”.

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