Mayweather Slams Verdict For Canelo

Mayweather Slams Verdict For Canelo

Canelo Alvarez defeated Miguel Cotto by unanimous decision in Saturday's WBC middleweight championship bout, and as a legend, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was roped in the post-fight discussion which centered around the score of the fight.

Alvarez won 117-111, 118-110, 119-109, but the fight reportedly felt closer than the scorecards reflected.

When Mayweather Jr. was asked of his opinion he went a bit punchy by calling the decision a bad one which reminded him of how badly he was treated in previous fights.

Even though he thought AlThe undefeated Mayweather, who retired at 49-0 after beating Andre Berto on Sept. 12, thought Alvarez won the fight,  but not by that much, as he bared it all out to Ben Thompson of

(Warning: Mayweather's responses contain NSFW language):

Mayweather cast a slur on Golden Boy promotions owned by Oscar De La Hoya and said they almost had scoring controversies when Oscar was involved, be it in the ring or in the promoting world.

The fight had rounds where Cotto landed more punches than Alvarez and as such looked closer than the scorecards suggested which gives credence to the fact that Mayweather is worth listening to.

It means Mayweather could be criticized for his fighting style, yet he's one of the smartest boxing minds of this generation.




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