7 Fun Things To Do On A Weekend

7 Fun Things To Do On A Weekend

The weekend is here with us again! And as usual, most of us have no plans at all at to how enjoy the most of it. Mind you, the most fun you have during a weekend gives you the most energy you will need for the long and tiring weekdays ahead so let's get our minds right as we delve into the best seven fun things you can do to get your weekend on fire!

1. Go Swimming

Many of us never dream of visiting the poolside maybe for reasons best known to us. But trust me, swimming has been tried and tested as one of the most beneficial exercises you could ever think about. Think of the stress it is bound to release from your body, the lasting memories you are deemed to have and more so the sense of adventure to those of you who have never tried it at the pool. Find your nearest leisure center and go for a swim; you will LOVE IT!

2.  Dance A Freaky Chicken!

Yes, dancing to your best tunes during the weekend gives you the freedom and joy you need to jump-start the stressful week. Turn on the radio or stick on your iPod and dance away to your favourite hits. Life is not all about the seriousness remember? Just let your hair down!

3. Visit Parks And Gardens.

For those of us indoor freaks, we may want to consider heading out to a local park or into the countryside to just, for free, watch nature at its best. Gardens have been tried and tested as the most serene and cool places that takes our mind off the hassle in our lives and also gets us thinking of the true us. If you have a family, why not, take them along as you read your favourite novels on the lush of green and see nature minister deep into your soul.

4. Community Sports.

There are many community football, cricket, baseball or basketball teams you can join. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people whilst working out.

5. Prepare Your Best Meal

Oh yes! weekends are the only times in the week when you can treat yourself as the queen or king you are. This can best be done when you prepared yourself that sumptuous meal you have always drooled over as a child. Could be a sandwich and lovely fruit juice,  jollof rice or the heavy meals that brings out the African in you! The choice is yours to make, you are your own boss remember?

6. Play Free Online Games:

There are hundreds of free online games you can play just choose your favourite, relax and play as if no one ever existed.

7. Meditate

Even as you do all these, the most paramount is the art of meditation. Thinking about your life, where you are at the moment and where you would want to be in the future is much key. Our minds have the most secrets to success that could blow us away. It is just that we never thought of using it to achieve our lifetime goals. Meditation is a historic art which has revealed many secrets, found several answers and made people head in whatever they do. You may want to take the chance of the weekend to do just that.

Happy Weekend!

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