Feature: Letter To My Future Husband

Feature: Letter To My Future Husband

My dear future husband, I don’t have the words to caption this piece, only to say it is a letter from me to you.

Growing up the only idea I had about marriage was what I read in books and saw in movies. Per my judgments, it was all one big fairy tale… Ranging from watching people in movies getting excited about marriage and living that enviable married life; I transmitted that into real life; as marriage being a fairy tale, where you live happily ever after.

I call it a fairy tale because it was devoid of challenges, abuse, misunderstanding and divorce.

Through senior high school education to my university education, I heard stories, met and interacted with children from broken and abusive homes and above all children from divorced homes who either turned out as prostitutes, armed robbers and street hawkers. Most of these children had their dreams curtailed through no fault of theirs. Only a few out of the many made something better out of their lives,

I always wondered and asked myself “Was it their fault to be born into broken and abusive homes?

My future husband, I write this letter to you because I get scared and worried about these stories. These stories make me wonder if our marriage would ever tow this path and if indeed it is worth choosing the married path.  I have heard many say that there is just a thing line between love and hate, so I ask for whatever reasons; could these parents not have stayed married for the sake of their children?

What happened to the love they once felt? The connection, the inseparable feeling of being close to the one you love and the for better for worst?  All these are unanswered.

My future love, with all these unanswered questions, I took it upon myself to read wide and from my readings and picking up lessons and experiences from the few who have stayed married that long, I learnt that, everybody can get married. It is an attainable feat, but the secret is in staying married even through the tough times.

I witness weddings and I hear them say “marriage is the only school that one is given a certificate before completion, but then again do married couples ever complete the married course?

Am sure you will say no.  To you my future husband, so long as we stay married I want you to make me fall in love with you every day. I want all the fairy tale to continue like when we were courting. I want to make our marriage work and enjoy it work. I want to give my children that fairytale life.  I want them to see us as an example they will carry in marriage. Now, I know these can be achievable with the God factor. So just so you know it, I am ready to work at it. I still want the butterflies in my tummy to churn like when I first met you. I want my heart to skip each day I stay married to you.

I want to stay married to you my future husband and so if you are not ready to tow this part with me then, it is best I know, so I find someone who shares these achievable goals, but if you are; just hold my hand and guide me through it because these goals are achievable and together we can do this!

 From your future wife


Source: Yen.com.gh

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