5 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Commitment In Relationships

5 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Commitment In Relationships

A lot of guys today are scared of commitments in their relationships with ladies and the reasons are not far-fetched.

Below are five reasons, in no particular order, why guys could develop cold feet when it comes to taking the bold step in relationships today;

 1. Guys generally have a problem with being constrained to limited options or being boxed into situations. Hence, it is only natural for a guy to look out for some ‘space’ in any endeavour, romance inclusive. So summarily, men like to have an array of options even when they are in a relationship so they try as much as possible not to take things too far with one lady.

2. Guys find it hard committing to ladies they are dating in situations where there are multiple other options on the side. In cases of this sort, where guys are in an actual romantic affair with more than one lady at a time, commitment to one lady becomes a problem.

3. A guy with a previous history of relationship setbacks will always have problems committing himself to one lady at a time, because in his heart of hearts the sour details of his previous relationship(s) will leave him unsettled for the most part.

4. A guy can refuse to take things a step further with a lady if there are pressing issues that demand his attention than romance.

Take for instance the case of a guy who has siblings in school, an aged, sick father and a retired mother all in one family house relying on him to provide daily needs; won’t it be asking for too much if a lady expects that a guy in this situation will readily take things steps further in a relationship?

5. Lastly, and this is probably the most frequently-experienced situation, when a guy is in a relationship with a lady and is trying to figure himself and his future with her out but all she is really concerned about is on settling down – there is no gainsaying that he won’t commit himself to the relationship, as much as expected, because she is putting undue pressures on him and what not.


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