Bawumia Lied To Ghanaians - Seth Terkper

Bawumia Lied To Ghanaians - Seth Terkper

Finance Minister, Seth Terkper says NPP’s vice presidential candidate Dr Mahamudu Bawumia lied to Ghanaians in his assertions that government intends laying off workers in 2017.

The former deputy governor of the Bank of Ghana in his reaction to the 2016 budget statement alleged that  the NDC’s arrangement with the International Monetary Fund  will lead a lot of public sector workers losing their jobs in 2017

"My understanding is that government wants the IMF agreement to delay the worker layoffs until after the 2016 election. I wonder why? I suppose the message is “vote for me before I fire you,” Dr. Bawumia said.

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But Ghana’s Finance Minister in an interview with Joy FM said: “It’s a lie”. According to Mr Terkper, Bawumia’s presentation was full of “inconsistencies” aimed at “portraying cynical points.”

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“We are implementing it with respective to all employees on the public sector payroll…the rationalization we are talking about does not refer to the core civil service, it is refers to the public sector at large, including subverted organizations like the universities and the rest.

“That is a big exercise that is why you need to plan. Again it takes that period to plan the project to get the financing for it. There is nothing sinister about the programme...government deliberately made it straddle the election year,” he explained.


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