How to get the best out of the harmattan - 5 tricks

How to get the best out of the harmattan - 5 tricks

The Harmattan is here with us again! Dried lips, patched skins and thirsty throats are all but a few things that makes even the blind feel the new breeze of the new year approaching.  One thing we barely know is the very things we can do with the dry harmattan season.  

How To Get The Best Out Of The Harmattan - 5 Tricks

Let's find out the best ways we can make good use of the harmattan.

1. Start early morning jogs

As compared to the humid weather that compels us to sweat the hell out of us, the harmattan is far from that. With the dry season, you get the best chance of going all out and doing the best of exercises just so you become the better you! Morning jogs are medicinal but most often times, the stress and hassle keeps us away from giving our best.

2. Supplement the artificial breeze of your air-condition with the coolness of the harmattan

Even though the coolness of the air condition gives you a good night's rest, trust me, nothing compares with that of the Harmattan breeze. Just slide your panes and enjoy all there is to gain from the chilly breeze God's wonderful breeze has to offer.

3. Feel lazy to wash anytime, day or night

Remember the humid days when you always have to wonder how you can naturally dry your wet clothes just because the sun was not ablaze, ever remembered the times you had to put on that humid shorts or skirt just because you could barely wait for the delayed sunshine? Well...worry no more! the dry and chilly sensation of the Harmattan gives you the chance to wash and dry your clothes anytime you wish.

4. Feel free not to using a deodorant or spray

Funny and crazy as it seems, those of us can attest to the fact that one of the greatest blessings the harmattan bestows on us is the freedom to embark on our rigorous daily activities without wasting much money on body sprays and deodorants.

NB: In as much as the harmattan permits for such funky freedom you are advised to keep up with personal hygiene.

5. The golden chance to stay healthy and dehydrated

The benefits of drinking water cannot be over emphasized. You need to stay hydrated straight from within. Aim for about 2-3 litres a day. Have it in mind that, staying hydrated does not include Caffeine intake, because it is a diuretic and diuretics eliminate fluid out of the body, so you may need to cut back on the coffee this period. Go for beverages and fruit juice to keep you hydrated. Also eat lots of fruits and vegetables to keep your skin glowing.

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How To Get The Best Out Of The Harmattan - 5 Tricks


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