Woods Hopeful Of Quick Recovery

Woods Hopeful Of Quick Recovery

Golf legend, Tiger Woods is contemplating a life without golf as he battles with rehabilitation from a back injury.

The 14-time Major winner whose otherwise eventful day, has been reduced to lying down all day and only occasionally  allowed to wander along the beach for 10 minutes, has admitted in an interview with Time magazine he may never play again.

That scary possibility does not frighten Woods, who said he prefers spending time with his children than patrolling fairways.

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The American has not played golf since September and October after having his back surgery done.

To let golf go like that, without a fight might not be the game plan of Woods as he reminisces, "With all my heart, I do not want to stop playing golf. He was struggling with his recuperation plan, given inactivity is actually beneficial.

"There’s no timetable," he said. "And that’s a hard mind-set to go through. Because I’ve always been a goal setter.

Woods, who will be 40 later in December, remained positive he could get back to the top of golf only if his body will allow him.

When asked about climbing back to the sport’s summit, he said, "Absolutely. I have to get healthy in order to do it, though."

"I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% healthy, but as close as you can to that point, that would be nice. As long as I don’t have the pain, then I don’t think there would be an issue.

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