Top 5 Memories Of Kufuor As He Turns 77

Top 5 Memories Of Kufuor As He Turns 77

As former president John Agyekum Kufuor turns 77 today, December 8, one cannot but reminisce on the interesting memories of him being president of Ghana way back in 2000. Well, truth be told, there surely are some interesting stuff to share about Kufuor during his eight year tenure! Let's now get to finding out what these true memories are.

1. The 'Sexy-Eyes' President

For those of us who lived throughout his tenure till now, we sure do know that John Agyekum Kufuor was loved, mocked at and mostly remembered by Ghanaians for the ''sleepy'' eyes that the former President has. In fact even his political rivals, without providing a single proof of evidence, have over the years consistently tagged him as a “ladies man” but that could be because of his sexy looks.

2. 'Kufuor Gallon'

Now things are about getting messed up here! But maybe not as messed up as the days when lots of Ghanaians attributed the name 'Kufuor Gallon' to the yellow oil gallons used in the avid search of water during what most political opponents describe as the severe water shortage which struck many parts of the country during his tenure. Now although the situation got partially fixed, the legacy of the times still lingers as we no longer carry basis in search of water but rather, politically branded gallons...maybe just so we show that after all, we still remember those days.

3. The Ex-Gratia Era

It is amazing how the average Ghanaian would not need pulling out a dictionary to understand what ex-gratia means. Former President Kufuor truly taught us well. The executive order he instituted upon confirming the signing of the ‘controversial’ Chinenry Hesse Committee report on emolument for former office holders which oversaw the payment of monies to exiting public servants remains one of the hottest debates Ghanaians are less likely to forget. In deed President Kufuor sounded stern on his decision as he, in an interview with Joy FM stated that “We are making too much noise about the ex-gratia, which in a way is a provision of our constitution.”

4. Kufuor The  Gentle Jack

His style, gentleness and soft speech, to many Ghanaians is all that won him victory as President (aside his political astuteness). Dare say that Former President Kufuor remains one of the most genteel presidents in the political history of Ghana. He was indeed the apple of the eye's of many a Ghanaian women!

5.  Most Loved And Respected Leader

Even as he celebrates his 77th birthday today, December 8th, John Agyekum Kuffuor - both locally and internationally remains one of the most revered leaders in Africa as been proven to be a good diplomat, as Ghana is recorded to have seen a period of peace and stability since his election with the improvement of its economy and also having to be  the chairman of the African Union between January 30, 2007 and January 31, 2008.

As he celebrates such a cherished moment in his life, we join all Ghanaian, home and abroad to wish him a happy happy birthday!



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