7 Things Your Girlfriend Should Miss About You

7 Things Your Girlfriend Should Miss About You

7 Things Your Girlfriend Should Miss About You

Some relationships have gone absolutely flat that when the couples are apart, there is absolutely little or no reason for a partner to be missed.

The concerned persons see their moment of separation as a time to reflect and breathe. Relationships shouldn’t be like that; although there would be moments when individuals feel like seeking solitude in their emotional cave, seeing one’s partner should be an antidote to all forms of depression. There are several reasons why men miss their girlfriends; the food and company are most times their top reasons. The women in turn have different reasons to miss their boyfriends if the relationship is friendly one.

Below are some of the things your girlfriend should miss about you

Your Company

When you have a superb personality that attracts everyone to you, your girlfriend would find it difficult to stay away. There are certain qualities that women look out for in men. Not everyone is wired the same way; however there should be some attributes that would continually draw your woman’s attention to you. Knowing there’s no dulling moment with you and she gets to laugh most times would make her stick to you. Not only would she be preoccupied with thoughts of you, your absence would be deeply felt that she would yearn for you to return to her. When you create an impression that is long lasting on a woman, she finds it hard to connect with anyone else but you.

The Opportunity To Confide In You

Relationships in which couples stay as friends for a while first before courting give those couples an edge over those who didn’t.  It is important to see your woman as a friend first before seeing her as a lover. This would help her to get so comfortable with you that she could share almost anything with you. If there’s an issue eating her up in your absence, the ability to confide in you without being judged would make her miss you. You become her best friend in the process.

Partner In Crime

When you are your woman’s partner in crime, it becomes difficult to have fun when you are not around. You leave a void no one can fill as mischiefs turn awful in your absence. This leaves her with a feeling that you are irreplaceable. Not finding someone to do the regular crazy chats and gist you exchange would also cause her to miss you. The lady sees you as a complete package and overtime learn to build her world around you.

Your Fights

Some men could be so naughty the women are always caught up trying to fight them over the pranks they play on them. While this could be annoying, it becomes another reason your woman could miss you. These fights are not serious ones; they could be likened to rough play. Women most times feign being annoyed over these love tussles, but in the absence of the men, they miss this form of exercise.


This is an imperative reason for your girlfriend to miss you if you have gone physical with each other. The intimacy and the wild times shared should leave her longing for more. Passionate love-making should relax every nerve her body and make her skin tinge with desires when she thinks about you and the things you could do to her body.

The Treats

Women love to be given treats from time to time. Your financial stability and your generosity when it comes to sharing would make your woman miss you. Most women are attracted to men because of their display of affluence. Money is therefore another reason why your girlfriend should miss you.

Level Of Spirituality

While a man could have mind blowing traits and attributes, women love men with a touch of spirituality. They believe this would give them a sense of responsibility; the men would be able to steer the women in the right course and help them make the right choices. A woman would miss you if your presence has major impacts in her life. A woman would miss a partner who helps her grow and sets her on the road to self-discovery.


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