My Players Betrayed Me - Mourinho

My Players Betrayed Me - Mourinho

After their ninth defeat in the ongoing premier league Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, admits that he feels betrayed by his players.

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Here is the full transcript of the interview:

Interviewer: It was a difficult night, what are your thoughts?

Mourinho: I think [Leicester] deserved to win because they were better than us during a longer period of time. I think we were the best team for 20-25 minutes, they were the best team for an hour.

They were very consistent, very focused, not making mistakes, aggressive with everybody, high tempo, great mentality – it was difficult for us.

Then we concede two goals that are unacceptable for me. I know my best quality is to read the opponents for my players and to identify every detail and these two goals – with the movement of [Jamie] Vardy between the two central defenders and then [Riyad] Mahrez one-against-one when I want one-against-two – are difficult to accept.

I feel my work was betrayed. Then we scored a goal with 15 minutes to go, but it was almost five because of the ballboys, the injuries, the ball disappearing and all this stuff. It’s not nice, but they did it very well.

It’s difficult for us to score goals when [Chelsea’s players] are not at their best level, it’s obvious, everyboy knows that. When you have some players in crucial positions not playing at a normal level, it is difficult.

Interviewer: Your changes helped?

Mourinho: I always try to help, [my changes] helped, but it wasn’t enough. We took off John [Terry], kept [Kurt] Zouma and Azpi [Cesar Azpilicueta] for the [Leicester] counter-attacks, because of their pace.

We put on an extra midfield player, then an extra striker, because clearly Diego [Costa] is in trouble in the box. Normally his movement is outside the box, so I tried to bring [Loic] Remy in to have another body there.

Interviewer: What do you want to try now?

Mourinho: I don’t know any way than working at the top level – and that’s what I do every day. I have to be honest and say day-by-day in training I have no complaints with the players.

There is a difference between training and matches, clearly yes. I have to be honest with them, but in training they work well. I enjoy training with them because they want to work.

Interviewer: Is the top four gone now?

Mourinho: Yes, clearly yes.


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