President Mahama Outlines His Achievements

President Mahama Outlines His Achievements

President John Dramani Mahama has outlined his achievements since he assumed office in 2009. He touched on sectors including health, water and sanitation, education, transportation, security, energy and corruption.

Addressing Ghanaians in an event christened “Accounting to the People” at the Banquet Hall- State House in Accra; President Mahama touted his successes as follows:

Health: President Mahama noted that in Ghana’s health sector his government has invested massively in infrastructure. He disclosed that government is transforming the Ridge hospital to become the Greater Accra Regional hospital. He also pointed out that the Legon hospital expansion will ensure that the the University of Ghana medical school moves from its current location, Korle Teaching Hospital to the new expanded Legon hospital when completed.He also revealed that the National Health Insurance Scheme [NHIS] is stronger than ever.

Education: On education, President John Mahama said about 1,616 projects have been constructed for basic schools in the country. He said because of such projects, most schools in Accra have abolished the shift system of education. He said government among other things also distributed free textbooks and exercise books to school children as well as uniforms, shoes and sandals for school kids. President Mahama also said some boarding schools will be enrolled unto the Progressive free SHS programme.

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Power: The president says the country is in the current power crisis because it has failed to meet the generation capacity. He says his government is adding more units of megawatts to shore up the generation in order to meet the power demands of the people. He cites the Asogli plant which he says is in its phase two. He also cites the Karpower ship which is ready to start working and to add more megawatts. According to him the first part of Kpone Thermal plant has been commissioned which will provide 100 plus megawatts to the generation. He says the country has signed a number of MOUs with IPP to provide about 3600 megawatts by end of 2020.  He said the NDC government has connected about 2,861 communities to the national grid in the last three years. He added that due to works done by the government; about 76% of Ghanaians have been connected to the national grid.

Corruption: On corruption the president said perception alone is not enough measure of how corrupt a country is. According to him unlike the previous government which failed to expose corruption in order not to be described as corrupt, his government will investigate every shred of corruption mentioned in the media. He also noted that government is retrieving illegal monies paid to individuals and companies.



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