No More Cheap Power - Minister Warns Ghanaians

No More Cheap Power - Minister Warns Ghanaians

Ghana’s Power Minister, Dr. Kwabena Donkor  in an interview with Business and Financial Times (B&FT) has tasked Ghanaians to brace up to pay more and realistic charges for power consumed.

He also asked power consumers to adopt greater efficiency in energy use in order to contain the increasing cost of power provision nears its end.

According to him the current energy generation mix indicates that the cheapest source of energy generation [hydro] is diminishing, thus the need for consumers to pay more to reflect cost of the current power supply.

“If you look at the generation mix, we are going to have less cheap sources of generation and more of the expensive sources of generation, and this must be reflected in an appropriate tariff. As at the moment, this is not yet fairly reflected. So going forward, Ghanaians must develop greater efficiency in energy use. A household can maintain its present payment obligations by reducing the waste in power use.

“So a behavourial change will also help us to minimize power use, and therefore minimize the impact of electricity-cost on our lives and also reduce the national aggregate demand,” he said.

He opined that despite the increment in power usage by Ghanaians, they still pay less for the product . This he noted cost the power producers.

Last week, the PURC announced a 59.2 percent in electricity tariff to help power companies meet the cost of producing and distributing power – which is largely unavailable in the country due to deficiencies in energy supply.

Source: B&FT


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