President Kufour Preaches Peace And Unity At NPP Congress

President Kufour Preaches Peace And Unity At NPP Congress

Former President John Kufuor has charged the New Patriotic Party and its members to with immediate effect cease fire and stop the "infighting" that has engulfed the party.

“We must be honest with ourselves, there has been so much infighting within our ranks and we must put an end to it from here,” the former president stated Saturday at the extraordinary congress of the elephant family in Sunyani .

According to him, although the party has the ability to win the 2016 elections, it cannot do so if they continue to fight among themselves.

He also opined that Ghanaians want a change and the NPP must be seen ready for the job ahead.

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“As things stand, the change can happen only through one party and that party is your party the NPP,” he said.

“The NPP must yearn to bring on board all those who are willing to come on board. That is how a democracy works. All regional chairmen of the party must see themselves as servants and I trust our candidate can win. We should be looking at 54 and 55 percent for our flagbearer. Whatever differences we share let it be internal, outwardly we must show that we are together. We need everybody. If we can come together, we can see victory way before the election,” he added.

The former president also advised all office holders of the party to sacrifice for the good of the party.

"We tend to suspect ourselves too much. We must sacrifice to capture the power that is beckoning us. We need everybody. From here let's stop all that and move on," he cautioned.



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