How To Prevent Getting A Pot Belly This Holiday Season - 5 Ways

How To Prevent Getting A Pot Belly This Holiday Season - 5 Ways

Even as we celebrate the festive season, we are bent on adopting specific unhealthy lifestyles which has the potential of leaving us less fit and physically unattractive during and after the Christmas season. Let's find out five simple steps by which we can avoid losing our beauty especially when it comes to the embarrassing ''pot-bellies.''

1. Sleeping Late At Night

One of the characteristics of Christmas has been long days and late nights celebrating our heads off, attending parties - forgetting our duties to our health when it comes to good rests. We must be of the known that most persons who go through the embarrassing experience of getting a pot belly are those who barely retire to bed in time. A good night's sleep is absolutely medicinal especially for that tummy as we have been made to believe our bodies through a good night sleep release the needed antigens which burns all forms of unwanted fats and oils. But just imagine if these antigens are absent, where does the oils and fats all go? Your guess is as good as mine.

2. Lack Of Exercise

Unfortunately, despite the fact of you been blessed with the longest of holidays in the year, we never take advantage of trimming ourselves by working out at the gym or home - so sad and unfortunate! Come to think of it, most of the illness, both severe and minimal have been documented to begin right after holidays why because holiday seekers like you and I neglect the power and medicinal purposes of exercising. In that regard, during Christmas we eat and drink a lot but we fail to subject ourselves to the needed exercises that burns all those bad cholesterol after that. A little jogging, skipping, trekking or even push ups are the best antidotes when it comes to avoiding that pot belly this Christmas!

3. Excessive Eating

Most of us fall victim to this health irresponsibility! During the holiday season, we take into our bodies more that our tummies can take all in the name of ''celebrating Christmas.'' Well guess what, you are also calling on your tummy to protrude! Eat less meals and those high in vegetables and less fats. By that you will be saved from the pot belly plague.

4. Choosing Fizzy And Alcoholic Drinks Over The God Sent ''Water'' 

Christmas and the holiday season is about drinking and eating - yes we know that! But why leave behind the good old rule of drinking eight glasses of water a day? Water flushes out all the toxins and unwanted bad energies in our bodied so that leaving water behind for those fizzy and alcoholic drinks is nothing but a recipe for a stomach disaster!

5. Eating In Groups 

When we eat with other people, we consume not less than 44 percent more food than we do when dining alone A research done in the journal Nutrition finds that a meal eaten with one other person was 33 percent larger than a meal savored alone. It gets scarier from there. Third-wheeling with two friends? You’re looking at a 47 percent bigger meal. Dining with four, six, or 8+ friends was associated with meal increases of 69, 70 and 96 percent, respectively.



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