How To Start The Race Of 2016 On A Successful Note - 5 Practical Ways

How To Start The Race Of 2016 On A Successful Note - 5 Practical Ways

The new year is here with us with twelve months more to either continue with our dreams and aspirations or start a new set of goals and visions. But in the midst of it all, 2016 remains one of those times in your life when you need the  best of well though out means to not only succeed but also end in a grand style. Let's find out seven successful ways by which you can start the new year on a good note.

1. Prepare Your Compelling 3-Point Goal List

We are not talking about your new year resolution! Rather, we are talking about a personal goal list that compels you to achieve all your aspirations especially concerning your career goals; the kind of job you wish to land if only you are unemployed or needing a second job; the business deals you plan striking with potential clients or even the grades you aim at achieving while in college. Your goal list should never be a lengthy one. Often time lengthy goal lists are psychologically difficult to achieve. You may rather want to opt for at least a three to four goal list.

2. Take Out The Trash

Most of us start the new year with our past mistakes and prejudices concerning our love relationships, addictions, guilt and also inactions. It is a new year! you need to let go and open yourself to the blessings and opportunities of the year. Maybe it could mean deleting those telephone numbers or en cancelling the appointments to those places that causes you to  do regrettable things. You know what pulls you back, you need to take out that trash!

3. Be Positively Adventurous

Ever thought of the endless opportunities available to you if only you proved adventurous? Positive adventure, the very urge to do the unthinkable that has the potential of plunging you into success is what we are talking about. For some of us it might be the decision to take up roles at work, church or social functions that you always feared of taking maybe due to confidence issues. The greatest success chalked in life is the very one we make out of our greatest fears. Take that risk to be great this year.

4. Forget What The World Says

Quit worrying about trying to please everyone. As Bill Cosby says, “I don’t know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” People will always talk.  You need to move on and take your steps not thinking of what anyone will say.

5. Invest In Your Financial Future.

Many of us are starting the year either without a savings account or an investment account. This should not lead you into the end of the year. It has been documented that most of the world's most successful are those who begun on the right financial footing. Money they say always grows even when we are fast asleep. It is thus highly imperative of you to at least start investing financially into your future and this year gives you the best chance to. Just check in with any local bank near you and find out the various convenient investment packages in store for you and start this journey of financial independence.

At we believe this year has the greatest of opportunities for you only if you could apply very carefully these laid down steps from the beginning to the end. We wish you the best of the year as you dare to be different and successful.


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