How To Have The Sweetest Sex Of Your Life In 2016 - 5 Tricks

How To Have The Sweetest Sex Of Your Life In 2016 - 5 Tricks

The beginning of a new year comes with several resolutions which unfortunately barely include the attempt to spicing up our love life and relationships. Most of us start the year with the most brilliant of business and spiritual goals and objectives at the detriment of our sex and family life. Well, as they say, love conquers all so that in our bid to remain highly productive and most loved in our sex lives, we may have to employ the best tricks especially in the year 2016.

1. Always Stick To The Use Of Candle Lights

Candles, especially red candles have been documented to be the oxygen of all memorable sexual encounters as it is known to ease the tension of both partners and also stir up all hidden affections between both partners. Candles have been used during pre-historic times as historians attribute the burning light to the very core of attraction between both partners.

2. Wear Loose Clothing During Bedtime

Why wear all the tight garments during bedtime when you can actually stick to a lose flow of boxers (for men) or nightie (for women). Remember, sexual attractions are most often short-lived so that couples who are now to get off all the amours on their partners before actually making love to them are highly likely to lose their urge before anything sexual romantic could happen.

3. Foreplay 

One of the horrific experience of many partners is when they get pounced on without the chance of conditioning their minds for that magical moment. Foreplay is highly important in any health relationship as it improves bonding between both partners, prolongs sexual activity and also makes sex highly memorable. This requires the best amount of time so that both partners would not have to rush things over. During foreplay, you may try the magical acts of kissing, cuddling, fondling, caressing and all the other sex techniques that makes you want to yearn more from him or her.

4. Sex-Talk

Many African and conservative couples default when ever it comes to the matter of sex talking with your partner. Sex should not always be a hit and run affair. Partners would have to tease, complement each other while in the act of foreplay - a move that is documented to boost the trust and confidence of both partners.

5. Personal Hygiene

This could end as the equally most important requirements to a lovely sex life.  Research has shown that over 50 percent of women barely enjoy the pleasures of sexual encounters with their partners due to the poor personal hygiene of them. Bad breath, body odor, unshaven genitals, long unkempt nails and so on are but a few inhibitions to a joyous and memorable sexual experience.


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