Revealed: NPP Submitted Authentic Togolese Register To EC

Revealed: NPP Submitted Authentic Togolese Register To EC

A leading member of the main opposition political party in Togo has confirmed that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presented a genuine copy of the Togolese register to the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

According to Masseme Esse, who is also the Advisor to the Togo main opposition leader, Jean-Pierre Fabre what the NPP gave the Ghana EC was the same as what they have in Togo. , “I can confirm that I have seen the Togo register presented by the NPP, and it is the same that we used for our elections”.

Speaking on Accra based Adom FM, he opined: “I have been following the issue. I read about it, and I saw the names and pictures presented by the NPP to the EC and indeed, from our checks, those people were on the Togo register”.

He added that “the NPP is not lying about the register, maintaining that the register put out by the NPP is the exact copy of Togo’s register “and shows all the details as we have it in our register”.

Dr Bawumia and the NPP have alleged that Ghana’s voters register is bloated with names of people  from neighbouring Togo and other African countries.

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The party hs since presented copies of the Togolese register in its possession to the EC for further investigations.

But the EC claimed that its partner in Togo refused to give it a copy of its register because it was a security document.

However, Mr. Esse said his party also raised similar concerns during the last election in Togo and said it was the main reason why President Mahama went to Togo. “He came to settle the issue peacefully between the government and the opposition. We solved the problem, and the register was audited, but Ghana must do a new voters register,” Mr Esse added.



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