5 Reasons Ghanaians Want Guantanamo Bay Ex Convicts Out Of Ghana

5 Reasons Ghanaians Want Guantanamo Bay Ex Convicts Out Of Ghana

Editor's Note: Even though Ghana has been commended by the US for sheltering the transfer of ex-convicts from Guantanamo bay, government has been faced with fierce criticism from Ghanaians as they (Ghanaians) insist of the need for these ex-convicts who have been documented to having ties with terrorists Jihadist groups to be sent back to the US. We have put together some concerns as posted on social media  bringing you the top six reasons why Ghanaians are severely against the coming of the ex-convicts.

1. Security Threats.

With the background of these ex-convicts, Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby noted to be hinged on activities with  terrorist group, Al-queeda, Ghanaians predict the nation's poor security standing remains at the highest risk of a breach.

Bylswils Arthurolands  on Facebook expressed his concerns arguing that 

Francis Odei-Ansong on Facebook also writes, w

2.  Has The Potential Of Marring The 2016 Elections

In line with claims of the ex-convicts posing a security threat, Ghanaians also fear these known terrorists have the potential of  denting the image of the 2016 elections. With the elections barely 10 months away, Ghanaians fear these ex-convicts could engage vigilante groups to temper with the outcome of the elections considering their experience in political conspiracies and attempts of topple specific governments as happening in war torn North African states.

3. Indoctrination Of  Idle Minds With Islamist Ideas

Bearing in mind recent history of a university graduate, Nazir Nortei Alema been lured to join the world's most sought after terrorist group, Islamic State (IS), there has been mounted fears over the chances of the ex-convicts to teach idle-minded Ghanaian youths the ideologies of terrorism and Islamist beliefs especially when Ghana records one of the highest rate of graduate unemployment in the world. What can't these ex-convicts do that IS did to Ghana's intelligent graduate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), questions Ghanaians are posing government.

4. Low Investor Confidence

''No investor will ever risk  investing his money into a country noted to be harboring one of the world's most feared terrorists,'' Nicholas Cudjoe on Facebook asks. The concern of a dip in investor confidence remains one of the major troubles of Ghanaians.

Nana Amma Boakyewaa aguing on Facebook; 

5.  An Indictment On Ghana's Foreign Policy

A matter of concern by most Ghanaians, especially those on social media over the ex-convict development is the threat government poses on Ghana's sovereignty and international integrity.  The interpretation by most Ghanaians is that the move by government to agree to the request by the US shows how weak our foreign policies remain.

Isaac Oware-Arthur  argues on Facebook, that

Fada Wiggez also writes,

Meanwhile, the minister of foreign affairs and regional integration, Hanna Tetteh has argued that the coming in of the ex-convicts do not pose any security threats to Ghana.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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