Disrespecting Council Of Elders Wasn't Delibrate - Afoko Explains

Disrespecting Council Of Elders Wasn't Delibrate - Afoko Explains

Suspended national chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Paul Afoko says he didn’t disrespect the party’s Council of Elders deliberately.

According to Mr. Afoko he honoured the invitation of the Coucil of Elders , but arrived at the meeting late.

Speaking on TV3’s Hot Issues programme Saturday the suspended NPP chairman, said claims that he disrespected the party elders must be disregarded.

“Me disrespecting the Council of Elders? No, it’s not true; I don’t think there is any national chairman who has been subjected to what this Council of Elders has done to me,” he said.

He explained that: “For the first time I was called [for] a national council of elders meeting; I was in another meeting and I informed the people in that meeting; four MPs and one former general secretary that I am due to meet the council of elders so I had to go. They said chairman we have not finished but I told them we can continue later.

“I got up and I dashed off to the old office in Kokomlemle. … just when I was entering the office, then the chairman of the council of elders meets me at the door and said we don’t want to see you anymore so you can go back. So I turned around and left. This is a fact. For me these are elders, [and] if they call you and they change their mind where is the disrespect,” he said to host of the programme, Kwesi Pratt.

The Chairman of the NPP’s Council of Elders, C.K. Tedam subsequently defended the suspension and said it was in the interest of the party.

C.K. Tadem argued that Paul Afoko showed arrogance and failed to honor several invitations aimed at solving issues surrounding his leadership amicably.

On the same suspension matter, Mr Paul Afoko also noted that he could not honour invitations from the party’s disciplinary committee too because he was suffering from spondylosis – a spinal problem.

“I suffer from Spondylosis and it got bad. It is a spinal issue and the medication is very strong.

“I am supposed to take one a day. I am advised not to drive or do anything. I take it in the morning and by afternoon, it wears off a bit and I can function and they wanted me in the morning,” he added.

Source: TV3 Network


Source: Yen.com.gh

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