Nigeria’s Senate Loses Documents For 2016 Budget

Nigeria’s Senate Loses Documents For 2016 Budget

A Nigerian MP has disclosed to the BBC that hundreds of copies of Nigeria's 2016 budget have gone missing at the country's senate.

According to the Nigerian MP, who spoke on anonymity, he added that the missing documents altered the senate’s proceedings.

The delay caused by the missing documents is estimated to worsen the country's economic crisis, as the missing documents it deals with the impact of plunging oil prices.

The MP reports that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, held a closed door meeting with Mr Buhari late on Tuesday, but it is not clear if the issue of the missing documents was discussed.


The BBC understands that the copies of the budget for the lower house are not missing and will be distributed on Wednesday. The missing documents have raised various reactions from MPs and some opposition senators.

While opposition senators blame the government for the disappearance of the documents, others are blaming the MPs for their refusal to slash their salaries and allowances. In spite of the missing documents, both houses are expected to take about two months to consider the $31bn (£20.8bn) budget.

The BBC reports that President Muhammadu Buhari delivered the hard copies of his first budget to both houses at the end of last month. The budget detailed his plans to raise spending by 20% by borrowing heavily amid falling global oil prices.

The president, who came to power last May, also pledged to improve tax collection and invest in other industries including mining and agriculture to create more jobs.


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