5 Reasons You Should Ride A Bicycle To Work

5 Reasons You Should Ride A Bicycle To Work

Today's demands for a far comfortable life, a cleaner environment and a much healthier lifestyle has become a dream which has eluded world leaders and global citizens - the reason which can be best attributed to our love for fast and classy things. But come to think of it, these luxuries, as the crave to drive a posh car has never helped us both financially and health-wise. Concentrating much on the health implications of always driving a car to work, health experts are beginning to find out severe negative effects as cancer.

Not to scare you, and for your benefit, how about going into that garage to pull out your good old bicycle or tricycle for work! You want to know why? Well, let's get you started with top 4 reasons you may want to consider cycling your way to work.

1. Saves Cost

Oh yea! Ever thought of that? Bicycles are one of the cheapest means of transportation you could afford as a worker as economists say it saves employees up to 70% of their monthly incomes on fuel costs, car maintenance fees or even transportation fares. Bicycles never would need you to visit the pumps for fuel, neither would they need you even sign up for a driver's license! It's easier as the name sounds and no wonder most of the world's most influential politicians and businessmen chose this means of transportation.

2. Saves Time

Have you ever sat behind your steer grinning your teeth and cussing at the horrendous traffic which never eases just when you are so late for work that you could get fired or served a query? Have you ever suffered the embarrassment of a flat tyre or heated engine on your way way to work that you spend ages calling your mechanic who just won't pick up? What of the experience of missing a bus or a train that sees you standing for hours at the station just so you could catch a public transport to work? Yea! I know that feeling. A bicycle best saves you from all these "trauma." With a bicycle you can ride your way through a bumber-to-bumber traffic, delete that lazy mechanic's number and always get admired for punctuality as work. Trust me, it works.

3. Strengthens Your Muscles

We all know that most of us barely have time to stretch our legs or even go on long jogs. In fact, most workers never even exercise their entire life while in active service! Well, this is dangerous because you would be inching closest to your grave should you become such a person. Inactivity kills! But no worries, because the good old bicycle gives us the chance to excersice our bodies as expected. Riding a bicycle to work stretches your leg muscles and also regulates heart rates, making you refreshed and set to go on a normal busy day at work.

4. Saves You From Vehicular Accidents

Research has shown that 65% of drivers are likely to engage in an accident or two in their lifetime. In fact, it is a known fact with the use of a machine such risks are bound to happen even if you have your seat-belt on. Think about a failed brake or an over heated engine or even a burst tyre! Bicycles never give you that chance to miss a leg or arm before your retirement age. Once you stick to the pedestrian walk-way, have your helmets on...you remain one of the most safest and wisest road users the world had ever encountered.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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