Lordina Mahama Cleared Of Owning Microfinance Company

Lordina Mahama Cleared Of Owning Microfinance Company

The central bank, Bank of Ghana (BoG) has denied the involvement of first lady, Lordina Mahama in the running of any microfinance in the country.

According to head of banking supervision at the BoG in charge of non-banking institutions, Raymond Amanfo Ghana’s first lady has no shares in the embattled DKM microfinance.

“The name of the first lady is not in any document available to the bank of Ghana, we don’t have anything on her in our documents,” he said.

Owners of DKM have duped their clients of millions of Ghana Cedis, leading to a lot of cry and hue. The BNI has arrested the owners of the institution and the BoG has also blacklisted the company.

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But addressing a town hall meeting with aggrieved customers of the estranged financial institutions in Sunyani Friday, Mr. Richard Amanfo denied claims and concerns of the customers that Lordina Mahama has shares in DKM.

Please when making comments about this issue, let's stick to the facts. There is no document in the Bank of Ghana, supporting claims that the first lady, Lordina Mahama is part of the management of DKM Microfinance. There is no registration document  with the first lady involved." he stressed.

He however, assured the people that the Bank of Ghana has frozen the accounts of DKM Microfinance for breaching the Banking Act by collecting more deposits than their asserts can support.

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 "We are in the process of liquidating the assets of the company. After this is done, we will make a list, through the help of a liquidator  of all the  customers…,” he added.


Source: Yen.com.gh

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