Police Arrest 4 For Siphoning Fuel

Police Arrest 4 For Siphoning Fuel

A fuel tanker overturned at the Anloga junction in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region around 7:00 am, leading to the spillage of fuel and instead of people running from the danger,they were rather seen siphoning the fuel.

The incident also saw passengers in a commercial urvan bus escape death by the whisker, as the tanker fell narrowly close by the mini bus which had people on board.

Police Arrest 4 For Siphoning Fuel

Before the firemen arrived on the scene of the accident

But thanks to God nobody was injured from both vehicles and around.

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According to eyewitnesses the fuel tanker was initiating a curve and lost balance leading to the fall. The fire service and police came to the scene to ensure order; but before the two agencies got to the scene scores of youth in the around were seen siphoning the fuel that spilled.

Police Arrest 4 For Siphoning Fuel

Police Arrest 4 For Siphoning Fuel

Residents risking to scoop fuel from the ground

Meanwhile, reports coming from Kumasi indicate that the police have arrested abut four persons for allegedly siphoning the fuel when a petrol tanker overturned.

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The police and firemen at the scene were able to avert any unforeseen danger and trouble.


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