Opinion: Ministers Likely To Be Sacked Or Reshuffled This Year

Opinion: Ministers Likely To Be Sacked Or Reshuffled This Year

With the fourth year of President John Dramani Mahama slowly coming to an end, the NDC administration has had to come to terms with severe criticisms maybe for the actions or inactions of  President Mahama's ministers.

From allegations of corruption to facts of economic mismanagement, one is highly sure that the first man of the land (president Mahama) is putting together his notes on which ministers to keep and which ones to let go just so his administration, as it where, could win back the love of Ghanaians. Below are four possible ministers who could suffer at the wrath of the president should he decide to crack his whip.

1. Seth Terpker

Ghana's finance minister, Seth Terkper has since his stay as manager of Ghana's economy has been one of the most critisised ministers under the John Dramani Mahama administration. Talk of the controversial IMF programme which has brought about austere fiscal measures in the country, talk of the inflation rate which is feared to have doubled since the passing away of Ghana's late president John Atta Mills, let's take our minds back to the consistent fall in the cedi which is feared to have depreciated over 40% since the past three years; high interest rates, the burgeoning external debts the nation has accrued under the watch of Seth Terkper...the list goes on and on...it is clear the ''tired'' Seth Terpker could exit before the year ends.

2. Haruna Iddrissu

Ghana Employment and Labour Relations minister is noted for the successes chalked in issues related to labour agitations and strike negotiations. We all saw how he dealt with the teething standoff between the Ghana Medical Association and government over allowance. But the minister currently faces major allegations of scandals including that relating to the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) where he was accused among other things of blowing some 900,000 cedis on an international travel and spending beyond his ministry's approved budget at YEA - He truly has his fate on the balance as employment and labour relations minister.

3. Nii Osah Mills

Not much has been heard from the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources - in fact many even wonder if he is actually working behind the scenes or merely whiling the time as minister. As supervisory head of Ghana's lands and natural resources much has been asked about what the minster has done to kick off the proliferation of galamsey operators in the country, the illegal stay of Chinese miners who have caused havoc to thousands of communities not to talk of the dwindling royalties Ghana continues to earn from the extraction of crude oil (which stands less than 3%). Nii Osah Mills is bound to either get reshuffled or booted out as cabinet minister.

4. Hanna Tetteh

The minister of foreign affairs and regional integration has been recommended in recent history for the professional and technical way(s) of going about her ministerial duties. But she has suffered a major back lash over the past few weeks regarding the controversial sheltering of two detainees from the Guantanamo Bay cell. Hanna shocked Ghanaians when she admitted on Ghanaian media that she was not privy to some of the details surrounding the coming into Ghana of two terror suspects. According to her, the decision was taken by President John Mahama in consultation with some security chiefs. Her comments have so far been described as irresponsible and amateurish with calls for her resignation remaining on the high. The issue of the Guantanamo Bay detainees could be the very one which could end the political career of Ghana's most astute female politician as she is highly susceptible to being stepped aside by President Mahama as he strategises for November 7th elections

Source: Yen.com.gh

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