Seven Players That Were Not Good For The Black Stars

Seven Players That Were Not Good For The Black Stars

There are days you sit behind the tv set and when you see a lineup of some players that are going to wear the dreaded national team (Black Stars) jersey, and you’re like, ‘Jack, what’s wrong with the coach?’

Well you can’t kick a ball or throw your leg as the ordinary person on the street will tell you. So you better shut up and pray such player commits a glaring mistake for hell to break loose on him, or better still pray the team win.

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Either than that, try this trick! Go Out there and shout the name of the player you think should not have been included. I bet you, you might feel a heavy arm slap you around your cheek. Well, that’s how we love our football; very passionate. Isn’t it? But truth be told, some guys were not supposed to wear the red, gold and green shirt. They were too ordinary that sometimes I asked myself why I did not opt to play football. They should have been as talented as the likes of the Mohammed Polos, Abedi Peles, Tony Yeboahs and the Osei Kofis.

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I always didn’t like the coaches who lined up the following players to represent our prestigious Black Stars.

Number two will shock you

1. Emmanuel Addoquaye Pappoe:

One heck of a player! The former Accra Great Olympics player, Pappoe could run! He was one player I admired for his speed. He often times could show all seriousness and even made the person who had little interest in football develop some hope that he was going to carry the ball all the way past the opposition and go and score. I remember he leaving the whole Italy defenders panting for breath at the 2006 FIFA World cup and with only the goalkeeper at his mercy, Pappoe fell and left the ball behind to my surprise and that of Gigi Buffon.

STRENGTHS: He could put the fear of God in any opposing player just by his frightening speed. He was all over the place and I guess could last 120 minutes.

SHORTFALLS: Pappoe was short! He lacked what many a good footballers commanded. Sometimes I tell myself, that I wish I could rob Peter Crouch off his height and give it to Addoquaye Pappoe. What an excellent player we would have.

2. Rahim Ayew:

Where is the son of Ghana’s legend, Abedi Pele? Is he really an Ayew? Rahim, I guess was able to get on to many team sheets because of the fame of his father. Another player who I expected a lot from, as an Ayew.

Seven Players That Were Not Good For The Black Stars

Rahim (first from left) in a pose with his family

STRENGHTS: Good physique, strong on the ball and really a fighter on the ball like his dad and siblings.

SHORTFALLS: The once FC Nania and Eleven Wise player was too bulky for my liking. I think, he could make a fine actor with some good six-packs for the ladies to admire. He should not have made the Black Stars at all.

3. Laud Oscar:

The former Dawu Youngsters player was another player that should not have played for Ghana. Well, maybe it could be that his dread locks gave me too much expectation of him as a striker.

STRENGTHS: He was a good sight to behold when running after defenders for the ball. I had all the hopes that he was going to get the ball easily and score because of his speed and good turnings. Good with his head though!

SHORTFALLS: He was disappointing in the last third on most occasions and I wondered why he was given the number 9 jersey. He was not as gritty a striker one expected of a Black Stars forward too.

4. Constance Mantey:

The former Asante Kotoko goalkeeper was a wrong call for the national team. I guess his defenders might have done some over time to cover him on the pitch.

STRENGTHS: He was tall and quite a good personality to pluck aerial balls. The mere look of him might let an opposing striker just fumble in front of goal.

SHORTFALLS: He hardly could dive for low carpet shots and amazingly easily let in goals from defensive blunders that he could have corrected his backline men on.

5. Alex Nyarko:

The former Asante Kotoko and Everton FC player was also bulky and had the imposing figure most midfielders lacked.

STRENGTHS: Nyarko did put in fights for balls and was really a headache for many strikers. He always went in for long drives and added up to the efforts of strikers when the need be.

Seven Players That Were Not Good For The Black Stars

Photocredit: Dailymail/ Everton's Alex Nyarko (left) has his shirt pulled by a fan who ran onto the pitch at the end of the FA Carling Premiership game against Arsenal

SHORTFALLS: He was not as skillful as a midfielder that one expected of a Ghanaian. He was not too inspiring which perhaps might have forced an Everton supporter ran on to the field to demand Nyarko’s jersey obviously to protest his presence on the field in the summer of 2001 after the midfielder had joined the EPL team from RSC Lens.

6. Alex Techie-Menson:

One bulky player who should have passed for a good striker. Techie-Menson for me never added any good to our efforts whenever he came on as sub or even started.

STRENGTHS: Good shots, good bully in the 18-yard box which is expected of every good striker.

SHORTFALLS: Often had a bad day, when he started games, which perhaps made him a super sub. He lacked aerial ability as expected of many good strikers.

7. Nana Arhin-Duah:

The ex Ashantigold and Asante Kotoko striker did score some important goals for his club which earned him the nickname, ‘Nana obua nipa’. He was not cut for the Black Stars.

STRENGTHS: Arhin-Duah was indeed reliable in needed times as he was fondly called by Kotoko supporters. He scored some important goals and that really mattered.

Seven Players That Were Not Good For The Black Stars

Nana Arhin-Duah in his good times

SHORTFALL: He was not flexible as a striker which contributed to his lack of good turning in the 18-yard box where it mattered most. He was almost a ‘passenger’ in virtually every game he featured in.



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