Mali Offers Help To Burkina Faso Against Terror Groups

Mali Offers Help To Burkina Faso Against Terror Groups

Mali has offered to help Burkina Faso fight Islamic insurgents, after the Splendid Hotel attack in Ouagadougou. The attack which happened over the weekend left 29 people dead.

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) mentioned that the jihadist group al-Murabitoun was behind the attack.The two group jointly claimed to be  behind a similar attack on a hotel in Mali in November, which also claimed where 22 lives.

AQIM is based in the Sahara Desert between Mali, Niger and Algeria and has attacked West African countries.This is the first time the group has targeted Burkina Faso.

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Mali's Prime Minister Modibo Keita travelled to Burkina Faso, which borders Mali to the south, on Sunday.

AFP news agency quotes Mr Keita as saying "Mali has experienced such events and continues to experience them. It is thus our duty to come here and express our compassion and say that we have decided to go forward together, hand in hand, to fight against terrorism and jihadism," Militants attacked the Splendid Hotel and the nearby Cappuccino cafe on Friday evening, setting off several explosions”.

The militants also caused a stir at the Yibi hotel which was a short distance away from the Splendid Hotel where. The stir at the Yibi Hotel also caused the lives of four of the attackers.



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