5 Reasons You Should Stay Single All Your Life

5 Reasons You Should Stay Single All Your Life

Editor's Note: The world keeps spinning fast, and so has technology, work demands, world economies, cultures, science and even religion. In the midst of it all, one thing remains highly complicated as ever - the thirst and quest to find your marriage material. Well, truth be told, this part of life aspirations keeps eluding millions of single men and women across the world.

But in the stress of it all, you may want to find out the actual reasons why staying single remains the best option for you in such a fast advanced global village. These well thought out points would best give you a second thought why you should join the ''single fraternity.''

1.  Stress Management.

Believe it or not, over 50 percent of all patients suffering stress disorders have been documented to be victims of a disturbing relationship, cheating partners, heart breaks...you just name them. Not to say having a marriage partner is a disadvantage; fact is, is far having the best of life's relaxation through the use of nature other than the stress of a failed relationship.

2. Health Benefits

Virologists and Reproductive Health experts have concluded that the main cause of infections - especially sexually transmitted diseases and infections have been due to the profligate sexual engagement of people. Sex, that is, remains the main means of transmission of even the world's most incurable diseases as HIV/AIDS. Not to forget about Hepatitis, Herpes, and other severe infectious diseases which is documented to have killed millions of sexually active persons. Yes we know that condoms have been a life saver but has it really lived its purpose? Your guess is as good as mine!

3. Economic Freedom

Ever thought of how to work a double just so you met the financial demands of your soulmate? For those of us African men we sure can allude to the fact of how ''expensive'' bride prices now remain the ultimate means by which lower income parents make their lifelong retirement packages. We have not even come to the side of managing a family in a weak African economy. Well,maybe channeling all these monies into an investment account could be worth it.

4.  Emotional Stability

You may not have been a victim of suicidal thoughts or chronic depression. But trust the very point that millions of men and women out there are resorting to hard drugs, needles and anti-depressants just because they can barely stand the pressurize(s) of having to compare the stress of work with the stress of a far more complicated relationship.

5. Build Friendships

Often times when you’re in a relationship, you are unable to maintain or build new friendships since your focus will be building and maintaining your relationship with your partner. Being single, you can spend as much time with your friends without feeling guilty. You can also go out and exchange numbers with anyone, anytime and anywhere without being judged.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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