Government's Plan To Curb Pneumoccoccal Meningitis

Government's Plan To Curb Pneumoccoccal Meningitis

Ghana has been hit by the deadly Pneumococcal Meningitis disease, which has taken about 32 lives since its outbreak in the Northern, Brong Ahafo and Ashanti regions.

About 153 people have been infected in the Brong Ahafo, Northern and Ashanti regions so far according to records.

The Health Ministry at a press conference in Accra Monday outlined actions being taken by the government to prevent further spread and death from the disease.

According to the  deputy Health Minister, Victor Bampoe government has set aside GHC 150,000 for the fight of the disease.

He also revealed that the Health Ministry is seeking support from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to handle the outbreak.

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“The WHO has already supplied laboratory equipment and has indicated that it will continue to support government with the needed antibiotics to contain the spread.,” he noted.

Dr. Bampoe also opined that the situation was under control.  “…, the Health Ministry is intensifying its education and community-based surveillance in the affected communities

"In all the epidemics that we have had, we don’t have any established cases of health workers getting the CSM transferred to them.

"We are confident that if health workers employ the nose mask and the normal barrier nursing methods, then they should not be at risk, so that is not an issue,” he added.

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Pneumococcal Meningitis is a deadly disease in which there is swelling and irritation (inflammation) of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord (meninges).

It is caused by viral or bacterial infection, and marked by intense headache and fever, sensitivity to light, and muscular rigidity.

Pneumococcal Meningitis is more contagious and fatal than Cerebrospinal Meningitis.



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