Wiyaala admits she gets passes from Lesbians

Wiyaala admits she gets passes from Lesbians

Afro-pop singer, Wiyaala, has revealed that she gets passes from lesbians who mistake her for one.

She explained that due to her boyish look and androgynous image, lesbians see her as one of them. Speaking in an interview with blakkpepper.com, Wiyaala narrated an incident where one lesbian kissed her after a performance.

She asked to hug me but then got so hyper she kissed me, I was totally taken by surprise but managed to stay cool. I am not into that so when they realize it they just back off but I don’t prejudge. I just state where I stand”, she noted.

Wiyaala attributed the passes from the lesbians to her boyish nature and the fact that  she has always been a lover of tee shirts and jeans.  The singer in her interview thanked her father for buying her the items she wanted as she was not a fan of dresses even when she was young.

On her first attempt at love, the BBC’s Global Beats featured artiste disclosed  that her girl  nature was exhibited after age 20 and it even took a  while to have a boyfriend after experiencing her first kiss at age 19.

“I got my first kiss after 19 years. It was nice but it took a while to get a boyfriend. It was after 20 years that I became girl girly”, she reiterated.

In talking about her love life, the Afro-pop singer noted that she prefers to date a man who understands her, not one to control her, adding that a man who displays a little jealousy is fine with her.

The Takoradi Polytechnic graduate who prefers to keep her private life away from  the media,  noted that she is taking her time to study the man she is currently dating while heeding to her mother’s counsel that a lady needs  to keep her ‘privates’ private.

 “I try to keep my affairs as private as I can because I realize the fans who seek to know everything about me do not share with me the number of rounds they’ve had the previous night”, she stressed.


Talking about her unique hairstyle, the ‘Stars of the Future’ and Vodafone ICONS product  indicated that she got tired  of  her hair one day, after having done the Brazilian weaves and  wigs. She added that she had received comments from fans that they are delighted with her new look.

On how others can learn from her journey to fulfill their dream, Wiyaala stated: “be yourself, learn from other people but don’t be a copycat” she added “if your diction is funny, keep it funny. If you don’t tolerate nonsense keep it like that. Trying to be what you are not can be costly and brings headache.”

According to the ‘Young lioness of Africa’ it is only by being real that folks who mean well would stay on and those who can’t walk away adding “if you don’t like me that’s your cup of tea.”

“I know where I come from, I have experienced the tough times so I stay grounded by taking my mind back to those days when some success comes my way. I never let stardom get into my head".

Wiyaala  noted that she gets emotional when she receives an award, but quickly reminds himself that she has not  gotten  anywhere yet, hence there is the need for her to eschew  every form of pride.

Born to Muslim dad and  a catholic mum and  with a step mum tolerance and consensus building has been values the Afro-pop singer has been exposed to since childhood

Source: blakkpepper.com


Source: Yen.com.gh

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