4 reasons you should never fake an orgasm

4 reasons you should never fake an orgasm

Relationships remain one of the best ways by which potential couples get to know each other.  But one of the major stumbling blocks that hinder potential marriages has been issues related to sexual incompatibilities - we are talking about nothing else but sexual incompatibilities with regards to faking orgasms.

For some of us, we decide to fake orgasms just to make our partners feel on top of the world when in fact they are not; for some of us, we pretend to be enjoying sex when in fact we are not.

Remember, orgasms are the very moments in our sexual encounters that get us intimately and spiritually connected to our partners; so what then happens when you decide to fake an orgasm during a sexual encounter? Let's find out in these well thought out points what the effects could be should you fake an orgasm.

 1. Faking Orgasms Reduces Intimacy In Relationships

Research has shown that 90 percent of women or men who fake orgasms lose the love they originally had for their  partners. This is mainly because the very ones who  fake orgasms have their real sexual encounters from others. Remember, faking an orgasm simply means telling your partner "just hurry and get the hell up from me!"

2. Orgasms Reduces Your Taste For Sex

Sex that’s not 100% enjoyable for a woman, lessens her overall desire for sex and it can also reduce her libido and sex drive all together. Fake orgasms have a way of masking this growing lack of fulfillment, which not only leads to unhappiness, but also takes away the spike from your relationship.

3. Destroys A Lovely Relationship

Faking orgasms simply means feeling ashamed to vocalize their sexual needs, for the fear that it will make their partner feel as though he can’t get the job done. Eventually, this creates a barrier between a couple and it can often sever their bond in the sexual relationship. Beware of that!

4.You'll Probably Get Caught One Day

Good luck with the theatrical grunting, contrived grimace of ecstasy, and then destroying the (lack of) evidence. A distinction: faking an orgasm isn't the problem. Faking an ejaculation: now that's, uh, hard. Especially considering this: Studies show both men and women are amazingly accurate at rating their partner's rate of sexual excitement so no matter how hard you try, you will definitely get caught!


Source: Yen.com.gh

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