Five reasons why you should write your own vows

Five reasons why you should write your own vows

- Vows form the important part of the wedding ceremony

- Writing vows for one's wedding has to be with committed effort for the would-be-couple

- Writing vows for your wedding makes it unique and different from other wedding ceremonies

Five reasons why you should write your own vows

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Weddings are said to be a lady’s thing.  It involves a lot of planning, coordination and organization, hence the need to choose reliable people to cater for the organization.

For a bride-to-be who is all apprehensive about the day, the least she worries about is her wedding vows.  This could be as a result of the fact that the bride-to-be is aware that she would be reciting those pre-set vows from the church.  Vows, that have been laid down for all would-be- couples to recite.

These vows are mostly peculiar to churches and most pastors are seen taking the would-be-couple through that recital on that special day’ but then here comes a thought.. Ever thought of writing your own wedding vows to that special person.  I mean, taking time off your busy coordinating schedule and writing that special vows.

Like it or not, the wedding vows form the most important part of the marriage. It forms the basis for celebrating one’s wedding anniversary and what better way celebrate your anniversary by   reviewing the promises you made in your vows and setting goals for anything that’s off-course as puts it.

So it is important to write out one wedding vows. I am not saying, writing it would be easy, but if you are one person looking at a memorable ceremony then, trust me reciting your own vows would make your wedding stand out because these are words you will mean for the rest of your married life.


According to, writing your wedding vows reflect the essence of your relationship and directs what happens after the wedding. It also states what actions you commit to doing to create your marriage.  In an instant where your ceremony has pre-set vows, you can share your own personal vows as part of the reception, perhaps before the toasts.

Below are five reasons to convince you to write your own wedding vows, if you can.

1. Writing your vows help make your ceremony feels so special

When you write your wedding vows, you help contribute in making your wedding ceremony special. Special, because all your invited guests leave with that special image and thought of watching  you look into the eyes of husband to be and saying heartfelt words that you really mean.

2. Writing your wedding vows your wedding very unique.

Let’s talk of uniqueness and you have it. How would you feel having to set the pace for others to follow. I mean many learning from your wedding vows recital experience. A former first lady of Ghana once advised me to write my own wedding vows to my would-be =husband and recite it and mean the words. According to her, she did same with her husband and that has been the secret of their marriage.

“I mean what I wrote down and recited to my husband on that day”, she noted.

3. Writing your own wedding vows differentiate your wedding from others.

Writing and reciting your wedding vows would clearly set you part from other colleagues who are also married. As it is said, the secret in marriage is not about getting married but the secret is in staying married. Writing your wedding vows together comes with a commitment and could highlight what you intend to do in the marriage and what you intend to see happen in the marriage, hence writing them together makes meaning and would clearly distinct your marriage from marriages based on pre-set vows

4. Writing your own wedding vows make your marriage feels sacred

Just as how marriage is considered a sacred institution, so are your wedding vows sacred. Sacred because they are promises you want to live by. Through the stories in the Bible, God honored his promises because they were sacred to him. So what better ways to commit to your marriage through the sacred vows you commit yourself to writing?

5. Writing your wedding vows helps your spouse to know how much they mean to you

If there were many suitors and you chose one out of the lot, then obviously there were some special reasons.  So how about making that person you chose feel and know how they rock your world, how incomplete you are without them and ultimately making them know that you have found your soul mate. This is what writing your own wedding vows do.  They make your spouse know how special they mean to you and reaffirm them of their decision, more like they made the best choice.

Writing your own wedding vows will help you keep your vows as opposed to saying words that have been said over and over again for centuries now. Remember that wedding vows are a huge deal because they help in joining the couple, strengthening their bond and sealing the deal.



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